What Is Entertainment?

Entertainment is a broad category of human activities which holds the interest and attention of an audience either for short or long durations. It can be a work or an idea, but more frequently tends to be one of those events or activities which have developed over many thousands of years especially for the purpose of sustaining an audience’s interest. It can involve physical activity or non-physical activity, or may be written, verbalized, or embodied. Entertainment is not limited to human activities, but also includes animals, nature, and objects. It is generally considered to be the product or process of keeping the public entertained by the production of some sort, and entertainment is often defined as a means of appealing to or attracting the widest possible audience.

The entertainment of today has become a major part of our lives, and entertainment is defined in such a way that it covers many different types of activities including sports, politics, music, and comedy. As you can see from the preceding paragraphs entertainment has changed significantly over time. In days gone by people like to read, watch television, have dinner, go out on a date, and so on. As you can see these are all activities which produce some sort of entertainment. Today the entertainment is much more varied and often pulls another force called emotion into play. An example of this is the many dramatic readings which are performed every day.

There are many popular forms of entertainment which pull on different groups of people depending on their emotions. One popular form of entertainment is theatre. Theatre involves both the director and the cast or characters to create a play or story which involves acting and movement of actors and actresses within a large set. The importance of theatre lies in the fact that it connects people who otherwise might never have been able to connect with each other. Some examples of popular theatre forms include drama, comedy, musical theatre, and opera.

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