Recreational activities are basically activities of leisure, recreational being optional and spontaneous time. The “pleasure spent” on recreational activities is a necessary component of human psychology and physiology. Such activities may be for entertainment, recreation, exercise, social interaction, for social interaction or for personal growth, development and training. In all types of recreational activities, the involvement of mind, body and spirit is crucial for achieving positive outcomes. For example, in a work-oriented environment, constructive leisure activities help the worker get more out of the workplace, while leisure activities that result in personal growth to help the individual to develop mentally and emotionally.


Among different types of recreational activities, there are two main branches of recreational activities – physical and mental recreational activities. Physical recreational activities are inclusive of all those physical exercises and activities that do not require excessive exertion or danger to oneself or others; whereas, mental activities, which may also include games, discussions, group activities, counseling, meditation, and other similar activities, are designed to improve one’s thinking, memory, perception, mood, and communication. These two branches of recreational activities overlap, but the two branches complement each other, thus, having a positive effect on health and well-being.

Among the benefits derived from recreational activities are socialization, exercise, development of social skills, and improvement of the individual’s morale and self-confidence. The main article continues with a discussion of the relation of recreation to education. This is because recreation helps the learner to critically analyze his environment, thus, acquiring new knowledge and acquiring new abilities. Furthermore, it improves his judgment, learning capacity and enhances communication. Overall, this article seeks to emphasize the importance of recreational activities in our day-to-day life.

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