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Saturday Night Activity Ideas For Your Home Improvement Needs

Every weekend, a different set of people flock to the neighborhood’s local Saturday Night Activity Party. Whether it’s a huge party like Last Chance Weekend or just a small get together for the kids, it’s important to find a neighborhood activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you need a solution for a party this weekend or you’re hoping to make a good impression on your next new neighbor, these are some ideas for you. If you have a few hours free, why not come up with a game or activity in your own neighborhood?

If you’re looking for a fun activity for kids, you might want to host a “Sponge Bob Sitzie Watch” before dark. This is a popular activity among elementary school aged children, and a great way to get your kids interacting with others in the neighborhood. Purchase a few cardboard boxes from dollar stores and form a circle large enough for all of your guests to stand inside. Draw a funny Sponge Bob theme, such as one with Patrick the Sponge Bob character, and have the kids split up into teams. Each team should then try to head towards the other end of the circle at the same time and sponge bob their way to the winning team.

If you’re looking for a unique and fun activity for adults, you might consider hosting an adult version of the children’s game mentioned above. What you do is purchase a “pub crawl” sign that says “come drink beer and eat dirt” and hang it on your business or home property. You can take the word of a friend or family member and have everyone chip in a few bucks for the advertising cost, and you won’t have to worry about having to deal with the liability of someone tripping over your sign or getting a ticket. Many people also love to host their own Saturday Night Activity Club meeting at their homes, so if you know of any friends that you would like to invite to your neighborhood club meetings, let them know you’ll be hosting an adult activity.

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