The Importance of Recreation in a Spinal Child’s Life

Recreation is generally an activity of leisure, meaning idle time not devoted to a specific purpose. The “want to do something for recreation” factor is a fundamental aspect of human psychology and nature. Many activities are widely considered “entertainment”, whether they involve physical activity or mental stimulation. Activities may also be recreational in nature when they are intended as a means of relaxation or recreation. In today’s society, recreation is often associated with organized sports; however, the word recreation does not necessarily refer to these activities. In fact, recreation is now often a loosely defined term that includes any activity that permits the release of energy and/or emotions.

Among the most common examples of recreational activities include free time, exercise, and social interaction. Although these activities may be viewed as “leisure” activities, many people today participate in these activities in order to better serve society, meet basic needs, escape from stress, take part in social activities or have some kind of quiet time to read, meditate, think, or eat in peace. The desire to participate in these activities may be social, religious, educational, or even personal, but many people believe that “recreation” or recreation is inherently linked with happiness.

Because recreation has become an important part of life, schools have developed programs that promote the development of physical, mental, and social awareness. These programs have had tremendous success in reducing student suspensions and truancy rates, and they have also expanded the core curriculum beyond what it once offered. Programs such as after-school clubs, physical education, and outdoor education provide a variety of benefits that make recreation a valuable learning tool. The increased social interaction and mental stimulation provided by these activities allow students to develop greater skills and positive habits that will positively impact their futures.

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