Movies, also known as a motion picture, video, or video film, is a visual work of cinematographic art designed to simulate reality through the presentation of ideas, concepts, images, or moods through the medium of moving pictures. Movies vary dramatically in style and content from films intended for a wide theatrical release to videos intended for casual entertainment. Movie format includes two major areas: the video and the television industry. Both have created a significant amount of influence over the home entertainment market. Video games, which utilize the motion picture format, have also had an influence on the home gaming market and are now popular among teens and children.


Movies are categorized into two main categories, the motion picture and the television film. Motion picture films may be home-video releases or TV series, such as the Star Trek and Star Wars series. The majority of movies are produced for theatrical release, with the exception of animated feature films and animated films aimed at children. Many movies are made by producing shorts, one or more minutes of video in a single film. With the advent of home video, this short film is commonly re-cut, edited, and edited again until a satisfactory product is achieved. In the late nineteen sixties, the advent of television gave rise to the concept of making movies for a more widespread audience.

The process of making a motion picture can be divided into three distinct stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production refers to the ideas and concepts of the film prior to its conception; during this stage, the basic story outlines of the characters, settings, and conflicts are created. Production is the process of turning the pre-production ideas into actual physical objects and activities. Post-production is the process of shooting the film and editing it after it is completed. This stage is the most intensive and expensive of the three, because it requires the greatest skill, the most advanced equipment, and the most careful scrutiny.

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