Dating is an age old practice of exchanging romantic encounters, practiced in most Western societies amongst young people who seek to find love or friendship by means of meeting people in the streets, bars and clubs. There is no particular dress code for dating; neither are there any formal rules that a girl must dress in order to be eligible for a date. However, most people would agree that it is important that a girl looks her best during a date. It is common knowledge that fashion and glamour go hand in hand with dating and what looks good on someone does not necessarily have to be appealing to the opposite sex.

A woman’s role in finding love through dating is very much like her role in finding love in any other form of relationship; that is, she is the first exporter of happiness to the person she is dating. The most important aspect of any relationship is the intimacy, the right person for you is the one who understands you. If your goal in dating is to find someone who will share a life with you and love you back then dating is probably not the right avenue to take. Most women feel that the best approach to finding true love and lasting love is through forming an emotional bond with a man as they believe this makes the man feel better about him and is more likely to commit to a relationship than a casual dating whom they may never see again.

After establishing some sort of emotional connection dating can then commence and most men and women find this process very satisfactory. However, once this initial stage is over the focus switches to finding a lasting love and the dynamic changes again. The problem with this is that many people jump from one relationship to another before any sort of real relationship is formed; dating then becomes a mere hobby or something that is done on an impulse. However, if you want to establish a healthy relationship and build a strong base for future building then dating should be your ultimate goal.

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