Movies, also known as a video, motion picture or short video, is an artistic work of visual art designed to simulate real-life experiences, stories, ideas, impressions, beauty, or other moods through the use of moving pictures. Movies vary widely in style, genre, length, and cost, but they are all made using the same technique: to take a story, plot it out on paper, and then develop it from there. Most movies have at least one central character, and may feature a cast of characters who interact with each other in some way, often taking the form of a story within a story. Most movies are filmed on a sound stage or film studio set.


While most movies are fairly independent works, some are commercially successful, such as the Harry Potter franchise, and some are less well-known, such as the movie industry’s early years, which include the silent films. Most filmmakers will begin their careers by working on low budget films and independent projects, before turning to Hollywood projects. Most filmmakers know their main theme, but spend much of their time pre-writing and rewriting to make the story compelling. This writing process can be as simple as an outline and first draft of the script, or may involve many months of reworking and rewriting the script to refine the theme and characters of the film. Many aspiring filmmakers know little about the technical aspects of film production, but enjoy writing and developing movies, eventually transferring them to a digital format for release on DVD or other distribution channels.

One of the most important aspects of making films is knowing how to budget a project. Budgeting is often overlooked by novice filmmakers, but is a critical element in determining whether projects go over budget or not. Projects that go over budget typically face stiff competition from new, cheaper entertainment options, meaning that successful movies can only be made with careful planning and attention to detail. Making money through movies is similar to any other business, in that you must attract customers and maintain a positive reputation for staying within your marketing and advertising costs, while delivering quality movies that meet both expectations and your audience’s needs.

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