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Fun Activity For the Kids

Playful activities are an effective way to boost your child’s self-esteem. With the help of his or her friends, your toddler will learn how to interact with other people and foster better communication skills. He or she will also develop strong imagination and develop natural social skills through play.

Here are 35 fun activities for children which will keep your toddler busy and happy:

Boredom Jars: What kid doesn’t want to fill his or her day with fun activities? Create a boring jar with cardboard and some paper towels. Add a toy or paper towel to one end of the bored out jar. Your kid can empty the paper towel and fill the jar with water. Now you have a rainy day activity that gets your kids busy and excited at the same time! and it is a great way to help them practice their manners. Practicing their manners every single day will help them learn to deal with other people when they get home. There are many other kid fun activities that your kids will enjoy. kids is great because it helps develop their spatial abilities. Using large board that is divided into two parts, have the kids line up them so that they form a straight row. Then, tell them that they cannot sit in any of the spaces between the rows. While they are in that space, no food or water can come out and they have to stay there.

Glue: Glue the bottom part of a construction paper to the board so that when it is done the child has to put the piece back together in order to complete the task. This is another great activity that will help develop problem solving skills as well as improve gross and fine motor skills for your kids. However, make sure you use plenty of non-toxic glue and make sure it is safe to put on fabric or whatever the boards are used on.

Homemade Magnets: You can make a magnetic bee hive or even a magnetic tractor with the kids. Start with two cups and one t-shirt. Take the shirt and cut it to fit just right, then have the kids pour some glue onto the bottom and then make sure that there is at least an inch of glue around the neck of the shirt. Have the kids hold onto the shirt and the magnet and then they should be able to push the shirt over to the other side, which will catch the magnet and help make the magnet stick to the cup.

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