Entertainment is a broad term that refers to any activity that imparts enjoyment and excitement or holds an audience’s interest and attention. Generally speaking, it can be a commercial activity or an artistic project, but more often than not, is likely to be one of those events or activities which have evolved over thousands of years solely for the purpose of holding an audience’s interest. Some examples of these types of events or activities include plays, sports matches, theatrical shows, concerts, and other similar activities. Entertainment can also be a type of sport or recreational activity, and is commonly used in conjunction with another form.


Entertaining itself can be divided into many different categories, and in fact, there are so many genres or styles of entertainment that it would be impossible to name them all in this article. Nevertheless, broadly speaking, the most popular entertainment genres include comedy, music, dance, drama, film, video games, and wrestling. When we talk about entertainment, then, we generally refer to anything which holds an audience’s interest, and inspires them to participate or have their interests converted.

For this reason, entertainment is crucial to the success of any event or project. While some types of entertainment may seem passive or boring, such as watching television or sitting in front of a computer screen, others, such as acting or singing, require the participation of the audience, and thus need to be more actively encouraged. As such, it is important that entretenement is an essential part of every major production, whether this involves hundreds or thousands of people.

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