Recreation is basically an activity of personal leisure, recreational being non-ideal time. It has been called the “silent killer”. Recreational activities are frequently done merely for fun, entertainment, or relaxation and are perceived to be “healthy”. According to a recent study, recreational activity may have adverse effects on brain function similar to those of drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, it is necessary to identify potential risks and to prepare for them before engaging in any particular recreational activity.


There are many different forms of recreation. They can include, but are not limited to, camping, fishing, driving a motor vehicle, bicycle riding, swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, bowling, martial arts, aerobics, music, dance, bicycling, jogging, surfing, and skating. In addition, recreation can also take place in the work place such as playing basketball in a local park or in a fitness center or at a home in a gym. These forms of recreation can help relieve stress, improve cardiovascular health, decrease weight, lower blood pressure, and increase fitness. However, one should remember that recreational activities must be done in moderation and most importantly, safely.

A free time for recreation is often used by people to unwind after a hard day’s work. For this reason, many schools, businesses, and organizations host organized recreational events to attract students, employees, and community members. This type of event is designed to bring people together in a casual setting and to encourage social interaction. This type of event may serve as a way for individuals to improve their fitness levels, increase their knowledge about a specific subject, or simply have fun. Many of these recreational events often cross boundaries from traditional group activities into an extracurricular environment where students, staff, and faculty meet regularly to foster cooperation, communication, and increased fitness. Whether these events are held off-site or hosted in a school or community center, they serve as an important resource for promoting physical activity and fitness throughout a student’s life.

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