What Are Movies?

Movies, also known as a movieograph, motion picture, short film, or video motion picture, is an artistic work of visual art utilized to simulate visual experiences which convey messages, stories, impressions, emotions, scenery, beauty, or setting. In the case of movies, these messages are presented in the form of images or films that are presented on a screen or television. Movie producers, directors, and actors rely on movies for entertainment purposes and as tools to entertain their audience while conveying their messages effectively. It is also an important medium of communication and an influential social medium. Movies influence how people live, create, and view culture and society around the world. The influence of movies can be profound and prolific.

The birth of cinema dates back to the late nineteenth century and it initially was a medium of mass entertainment, but with time it evolved into the widely-recognized and celebrated contemporary form of cinema that we know today. Initially, cinema comprised of independent film industries which released both long and short films, but with time it expanded into the major film industry. Film production was hindered by the lack of technology and equipment until the late thirties which led to the development of the first fixed camera film and motion picture apparatus which paved the way for the advancements in the field of cinema. Although films had gained commercial viability, the impact on the culture and the minds of the masses was far-reaching. Films of the time portrayed a skewed vision of the society and human relationships, which resulted in the under-reaction towards such movies that followed.

As movies developed into the hybrid genres of contemporary films and animated films, filmmakers took bolder steps to depict sensitive topics and issues like social, political, and economic problems that affected the lives of ordinary citizens. The twentieth century witnessed numerous innovations and breakthroughs in the field of film, as filmmakers experimented with complex themes, elaborate story sequences, and multiple characters with varying roles and perspectives. In the last century, technology and increased urbanization has made movies even more entertaining and popular, leading to the emergence of the blockbuster form in the twenty-first century.

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