Recreation Depends on Physical Fitness

Recreational activity is basically an activity of recreational, leisure, being deliberately designed to relieve mental, physical, emotional, or social stress. The “joy of doing something” is a necessary component of human nature and psychology. Many types of recreation can be practiced both for entertainment and for exercise. Sports like horseback riding, hunting and fishing, mountain climbing, hiking, and swimming are all examples of recreational activities that people actively participate in to de-stress. When people are physically active it enhances their health and well-being but also increases the quality of their lives. Most importantly, the act of recreation is the basis for social interaction and bonds.

Many adults have very limited leisure time and even fewer families have more than one person living in one household. Because of this, the need for recreation has grown tremendously. One can take up recreational activities such as hiking, spas, and aerobic classes at local community centers or gyms. The expansion of the recreational opportunities through technology has given individuals and families additional opportunities for social interaction through computer games and online communities.

With the explosion of online gaming, the number of online social activities has grown rapidly. These social and interactive activities provide an online outlet for video game playing, role playing, hand to eye exercise, and other activities that develop social skills, problem solving, and improved hand to eye coordination. For example, some video game experts have developed computerized slot machines that give players the option to play “progressive” versions of poker, blackjack, craps, etc. Online fitness sites also offer a variety of programs and activities that help participants improve their physical fitness. The expanded core curriculum in recreation now includes physical fitness.

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