What are Entertainment and How it Develops?

Entertaining is a broad term that denotes any activity that imparts enjoyment and excitement or holds the attention and interest of some audience. It may be a game, an act or an idea, but most often is more probably one of those interactive events or activities that have developed over thousands of years especially for the sole purpose of holding the attention of an attentive audience. The entertainment industry includes theater, film, music and television. The development of any of these branches of entertainment requires many years of planning and conceptualization.

Entertainment can also be related to sports and Leisure time. For instance, the great time for gaming and online interaction is during the summer time. There are various ways to entertain yourself from a simple bike ride to an outdoor party to the extreme, with activities like extreme skiing and surfing, while staying indoors during wintertime. Leisure time includes watching television programs, movies, music, going out on the town, participating in sporting events and more. The development of these types of venues as means of providing entertainment for Leisure Time is what is called Leisure and Entertainment.

The development of leisure and entertainment is further developed through festivals and other forms of entertainment-based events such as shopping festivals, amusement parks and zoos. A shopping festival or event typically has the aim of attracting visitors by offering great deals on clothes, books, electronics, souvenirs and food items. An amusement park is a great way for people to enjoy themselves in an environment similar to an outdoor zoo. Shopping festivals are regularly held across the globe from Australia to Canada.

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