When you think about an activity that can be both educational and fun, there’s no better activity to pair than cardboard crafts. With the popularity of coloring and drawing, some parents wonder what’s left for their kids to do. The answer is a lot, as long as you involve your child in the activity as much as possible. Whether it’s making beadwork or learning the intricacies of pasta sauce, you can find activities that will keep your kids busy and interested at the same time. Take the time to explore the different options available for educational and fun activities for kids.

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Have a messy playmat or activity table on the floor where all of your kids can do their craft. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, as long as you have a clean surface. That way, your little one doesn’t have to worry about getting his or her messy work on the ground, which may cause the paint to chip. A great activity table or activity mat for messy play is made from wood with holes in it. You can cut little squares out of the wood and shape them into different objects, such as cars, mushrooms or circles to name a few.

You can also use these same play materials over again. Get a couple of different mats and change them out every so often. For younger kids, you can use glitter or other embellishments to make unique mats for a great activity that stimulates all of your kid’s senses. These are just a few fun activities for kids that you can do together as a family. No matter what you want to do together as a family, there are plenty of fun activities for kids that are educational and fun at the same time.

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