The World of Movies and Extended Movie Examples

Movies, also known as a movie, a short film, video, or home video, is a creative work of visual entertainment typically intended for release for one or more viewing audience over a period of time. It typically contains narrative content and graphics that may be presented either in front of, during, or alongside other images, sometimes with music, and sometimes with synchronized sound. Movies are usually shown in the order of their occurrence in the storyline. The plot of a movie may revolve around a central character (e.g., an ensemble comedy), a series of characters (a series of individuals in increasingly complicated relationships), or a central theme or plot. A movie can take any number of forms, including a short story intended for adult or children to view, a major motion picture (a feature-length animated feature directed by a Hollywood director), or a multi-media work made up of pre-recorded audio and/or video accompaniment to images or other content.

Movies are categorized according to the medium in which they are released: films (which can be viewed on traditional movie theaters and on television screens through various media such as VCRs and DVD players), TV shows (which can be watched on various TV stations), and video games (which are predominantly played on computer systems). Most of the movies and TV shows that we watch regularly have been released on at least one format of digital media. However, some of the older (abundant) films and old movies still exist in the DVD and VCD formats, as well as in the progressive-scan scan and the previous format, the mono pixel. DVD and VHS-CD players have made it possible for many older films to be re-released in a higher quality than ever before.

As you can see from this article, watching movies is not just about sitting in the theater and enjoying a good film. Movies offer a great way to relax, think, reflect, and enjoy one another’s company while being entertained by something entertaining. If movies and TV shows seem like a mundane pastime for most of us (and it really is the case for most of us), then why don’t we extend this enjoyment to the real world? Watching movies online is really the next logical step after watching movies in the theater or on TV! The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for all of us, and if we take advantage of them, then we will have gained a better understanding of films and everything they’ve to offer us.

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