Entertaining is a broad form of social activity that provides enjoyment and excitement to an audience or holds an individual’s interest and attention. It may be a task or an idea, but more often than not, is much more likely to be one of those interactive events or activities that have developed over hundreds of years specifically for the sole purpose of maintaining an individual’s attention span. When a group of people are engaged in a direct activity such as, say, singing, dancing, acting, jokes, humor, stories, or games they are more likely to remain in that state of mind for a longer period of time than if they were simply sitting at a desk. The simple reason for this phenomenon is that humans respond to the directness of their interactions with others.

This direct interaction between individuals is what creates the interest in entertainment, and what drives the ever-increasing need for more entertainment. And this need has created a boom in the home entertainment industry in the last several years. Numerous DVD’s, CD’s, video tapes and even television show broadcasted by cable or satellite companies have increased the entertainment value of our daily lives by bringing us into contact with other people and exposing us to other cultures and events.

Of course, the home entertainment industry has also increased the interactivity of the entertainment market by allowing customers to create their own show or movie at home rather than visiting a live entertainment show or event. Creating your own entertainment allows you to keep your favorite shows on DVD, or allow your friends and family to see all of your favorite movies. So the entertainment industry is providing more opportunities to get involved in the entertainment world and to enjoy more entertainment value. And whether it is a long awaited release of a cult comedy classic, or the chance to take home a collection of the greatest comedy movies ever made, the entertainment industry remains as hot and profitable as ever.

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