Recreational is basically an activity of relaxation, leisure, and/or play. The “need for recreation” has been a central factor of psychology and human nature since our earliest days. Activities for recreation are typically intended for leisure, amusement or simply for pleasure and are generally considered to be “pleasure”. Examples of recreational activities can include outdoor sports, hobbies, games, fitness activities, dancing, singing, eating, drinking, gardening, writing, and socializing. These activities may also be associated with professional competition, work-related hobbies, and community events. In today’s culture, recreational activities have become integrated into everyday life as activities that create work-related and social value and are also an important component of good health.


The “recreation” movement also promotes physical fitness through a variety of recreational pursuits such as bicycling, hiking, boating, swimming, jogging, golf, tennis, racquetball, and bowling. Physical fitness is essential to healthy living and should be included in all health plan. People who are not active may gain weight and become obese, develop heart disease, osteoporosis, and stroke. Therefore, including exercise in your daily health program is crucial to long term weight management. Participating in recreational activities allows you the opportunity to get away from the rigors of work, family, school, and other responsibilities, while at the same time allowing you to better tune and strengthen your body and mind.

Another benefit of recreation and leisure is improving personal relationships. Studies have shown that a person who has adequate leisure time is more likely to have positive relationships and social connections compared to those who have little or no free time for themselves. For instance, a group of friends spending time together can form a support system of people who are good friends and can help a person deal with life’s difficulties. And if a person has children they may find more fulfillment in a family recreational activity than in solo activities, as children look up to parents and grandparents as role models.

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