Movies are the visual feast of our time. More entertaining than any other medium, they have captured the imagination of people across the world and have helped to form the national cultural icon – the cinema. Movies are not just for entertainment but can be a source of information and education as well. There are some great movies on DVD which can be bought online or in DVD rental shops and this makes it easier for people to have access to their favorite movies whenever they want.


Movies are not just made for entertainment, but also to promote and propagate culture, ideals and values. A movie, also known as a motion picture, video, animated film, or even live action film, is an artwork of visual entertainment used to depict stories, ideas, impressions, emotions, beauty, or setting. Movies and the motion pictures that depict them have been made by the large number of film producing and film production companies that are present all over the world, backed by Hollywood studios to promote their products through the movies.

Movies offer people opportunities to relive their memories again, to watch as many movies as they want, to share with friends and family and to be part of the culture and artistic production of celluloid technology. As such, Hollywood studios encourage filmmakers to produce a film every year that will hit the box office and make money for their company. The cost of making a first class motion picture may be intimidating to some but the profits that can be generated from a successful motion picture are nothing short of phenomenal. And the best thing about this lucrative industry is that anyone can become involved in making a moving picture. With a passion for storytelling and a passion for making movies, you too can start your own small filmmaking company or you can learn the ropes of filmmaking with the help of a mentor who has already achieved considerable success in his career.

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