Recreation is basically an activity of relaxation, leisure, and/or for exercise. The need to do something for recreation is a very important component of psychology and human nature. Reciprocal activity is also often undertaken for socialization, entertainment, or simply for pleasure and is considered a “social” activity. As such, recreation can be used to foster community bonding, improve communication skills, promote leadership, and address concerns about health and safety.


There are different types of recreation activities that people engage in for fun and leisure: sports, dancing, hiking, running, biking, swimming, boating, tennis, golf, gardening, riding, bicycling, taking public transit, working out, reading, watching television, playing computer games, etc. It’s interesting to note that most people in North America spend less time than they should for leisure time: they go on vacations, they work, they watch television, etc., but the amount of free time they have is drastically reduced. With all of the options for recreation mentioned, there are some areas that consistently report the highest rates of recreation participation. While other locations, like Europe, experience a low or no recreation or leisure time at all.

There are many positive benefits associated with recreation and leisure activities, but recreation is not solely a means of leisure and recreation. The ability to interact socially as well as mentally is directly linked to physical well-being. In fact, recreational activities, even those that don’t include vigorous activity, provide opportunities to socialize and meet new people. This creates bonds that will last a lifetime and improve overall well-being.

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