Movies, also known as a video, motion picture or video film, is a commercial work of multimedia visual art designed to simulate real experiences that convey messages, stories, impressions, beauty, or mood through the presentation of moving images on the screen. Movies are generally of three kinds: home videos, late night television programming, and stage plays. Most movies have been produced for television, but the term “moviet” (which means viewing film in another language) has emerged to refer to any work of video or audio visual that is viewed or enjoyed by others. Movies can be of many different types, depending upon the purpose for which they are produced. Some movies are intended for children; some are intended for adults; and some are both intended for both children and adults.


The availability of movies on an iPhone is most attractive to adults, since the vast majority of viewers who own iPhones are adults. The vast majority of movies for sale through the iTunes Store are intended for adults, although there are a few children’s movies and some educational films that are available for download. The primary benefit of purchasing movies through an iPhone app is the ability to purchase and view movies on the go, while traveling to and from work or other appointments. With today’s state-of-the-art cell phone technology and a large array of apps for downloading and viewing media, virtually everyone who possesses an iPhone has access to their own personal theater.

If you frequently make use of your iPhone’s motion sensor feature to watch your favorite movies on the commute between the house and workplace or during long car trips, there are several options for making a big movie selection from your iPhone’s larger screen. One option is to purchase movie passes through either a movie studio or an online website that offers multiple digital downloads of popular titles each month. Another option is to purchase a custom DVD burning software package from a number of studios or websites that offer a library of movies. There are also subscription services that allow customers to rent movies for a low monthly fee.

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