Entertainment is a broad category of human activity which holds the attention and / or interest of an individual audience and / or gives enjoyment and pleasure to the individuals involved. It may be a job or an idea, however, most often is more often one of those challenging activities or events which has developed over centuries specifically for the specific purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. The development of movies and Broadway shows, in addition to music and dance, is generally the result of long and careful research of what viewers find entertaining. Most entertainment is subjective; it is the opinion, viewpoint, or opinion of the viewer, and this is why most entertainment derives from an established, ongoing interest or theme.

One of the most prolific forms of entertainment in modern society is mass media entertainment, which includes popular music, television shows, movies, dramatic events, and sports. Mass media entertainment is defined as any type of entertainment derived from a group of people or from a single entity such as a company, organization, government, or individual. The entertainment industry, in general, is based on the mass media of newspapers, televisions, magazines, and films. The creation of popular entertainment requires the collaboration of writers, producers, actors, directors, and technicians who are all associated with a specific show, film, or program. In recent years, television has assumed the dominant role in the entertainment industry. Most television programs are produced by large production companies such as Dreamworks, Disney, and Twentieth Century Fox.

One type of modern-day mass media entertainment is performance art, also referred to as theatre or the performing arts. Performed live, or staged as a part of a production, performance art frequently utilizes a distinct visual and performing arts vocabulary that differs greatly from other forms of entertainment. Many live performances incorporate the use of computers and recording devices to create a highly-acclaimed product that can be enjoyed by many spectators. In recent years, theatre has grown in popularity, especially amongst the younger members of society.

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