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Movies, also known as a motion picture, a short video, or short film, is a creative work of visual entertainment used to simulate real experiences that convey stories, ideas, emotions, beauty, or any other feeling through the use of visually moving images. Movie making generally refers to the process of creating a fictional story or presenting a work of art in a movie for the purpose of entertaining viewers. Movies are often made for entertainment purposes only, but some movie producers and directors will use movies to support political causes or to promote a social cause. Movies may be created for other purposes as well, such as to raise money for an organization or to support a person’s artistic goals. Motion pictures have been a popular medium of communication since the birth of the motion picture camera, and movies are continuing to have various forms and uses to this day.

If you are planning to watch movies in the future, the best way to obtain a better understanding of movies is to take at least one class in film. Students can expect to learn about the background of cinema, plot structure, special effects, grammar, story telling, colour theory, and how to use the images in the film to tell a story. Students also learn about the history of cinematography, how movies are made, about the different types of cameras used in movie making, and how to use these cameras in creative and artistic ways to achieve the desired results. A student will also have an opportunity to work with established and talented film professionals in the field of movie making. The experience gained from a professional movie making class will help a student to become more knowledgeable about what it takes to work in the film industry.

Students will be asked to complete an extended hypothetical example involving a specific movie. Students will brainstorm several potential movie ideas based on their research. After completing the extended hypothetical examples, students will present their movie idea to a professional in the production company. The objective of the production company is to find several issues or problems within the script that can be resolved through the creative use of the story and the elements within the script. Once the group has found several issues, they will come up with possible solutions that can solve these issues, which will provide the script writer with additional material for developing the final draft of the screenplay.

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