Crafting is an enjoyable activity but if you don’t know how to do it can be a daunting experience. But if you have some great DIY fun things to make, the task becomes much simpler and the end result more creative. My kids are into making scrapbooks so I thought it would be a fun activity to try and teach them all about making a scrapbook. So I went ahead and taught them a few simple and easy DIY crafts techniques that I hope they will use in their future projects.

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The main idea behind this fun activity for kids was to get creative by allowing them to create a time capsule of their own making. I knew that my daughter needed her memories to open up later on with our grandchildren, so I took on the project as a DIY project for her. We decided that she would write a journal about her family and then we would all get together to open the new book together. This worked out well because not only was she writing in a new book, she was also getting to share with us all her memories. After finishing the first draft of her book, she asked me to help her make a few extra pages and then we put the new book together.

Another great way to help kids enjoy crafting is by providing them with some indoor or outdoor craft materials. We all have to do a DIY at least once during our lifetimes so that is why it’s a great idea to provide kids with the supplies that they will need to create something nice. The first time that I was really happy with the results was when my daughter chose to make some indoor crafts to use in her new book. All her friends and family were amazed at what she did and now she is using her fun craft supplies to get her ready for the big day.

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