One of the things that you might even want to consider doing when planning a date night with your girlfriend is having a Saturday night activity. Sure, you might have planned a dinner and some dancing and a movie and all that but there’s nothing like spending time with your girl after work or school has let you down. And what’s more, with a few drinks and snacks in hand, you can easily get her to loosen up and be willing to go out on a limb for a night of passion. However, make sure that whatever you decide to do on a Saturday night is something that she will enjoy. Otherwise, it might turn into another one of those nights where you try and convince her to go out, only to drop out completely as she becomes uncomfortable with your idea of a date night.

saturday night activity

Something like bowling is a great choice for a Saturday night activity because it requires very little equipment and you’ll both have a lot of fun. If you’re not really good at bowling, you might even want to consider hiring a bowling alley to host the event so you two can spend some time together. This way, she’ll know that you care about her and are willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy. You could also hire professionals to bowl, if you have the time, but if you aren’t the greatest bowler in the world, there’s no reason why you can’t teach her how to play the game and maybe take her bowling on that same day. The goal is just to have fun with it, so even if you wind up bowling poorly, she’ll at least appreciate the fact that you took the time to show her some skill.

Another possibility for a Saturday night activity would be visiting a local carnival. There are often special shows and activities all year around, and you can definitely find one that runs on a Saturday evening. You’ll probably want to make sure that she’s comfortable with the fact that you’re taking her to a carnival and she might even think that it’s a good idea to dress up and take part in the activities. It’s definitely a good idea to spend a little bit of money to make things easier for her, because she’ll probably end up having one of the most memorable times of her life. The highlight might not be the bowling, but it should be something that she’ll hold onto for a few years to come.

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