An Overview of Entertainment

Entertaining is a broad term that includes many things into one including sight, sound, smell, touch and mood. Entertaining is an event or activity that holds an interest and the attention of an audience. It can either be a project or an idea, but more often is more likely to be one of those events or activities which have developed over centuries specifically for the sole purpose of holding the attention of an attentive audience. The word entertainment is derived from the Latin word ‘entertainment’ which refers to ‘action.’ Therefore, entertainment is ‘action.’

Entertainment is also measured by money. There are many different types of entertainment and some forms of entertainment are more popular than others. There are general types of entertainment such as sport, theater, film and music. General entertainment can appeal to all ages, from small children to the older adult. On the other hand, specialized entertainment targets certain groups of people like sports fans, film lovers or music buffs.

Some forms of entertainment have grown out of traditions and cultures and have become integrated into mainstream culture, especially in Western countries, such as table tennis, motor racing, cricket and horse racing. In the past, entertainment was more localized with special theatrical productions, magic shows and concerts. Today, entertainment has spread globally and is now experienced by people of all ages living in different parts of the world. In entertainment terms, entertainment can mean various things and can include people, activities, ideas, emotions, actions, and physical actions or responses.

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