Entertainment is basically a form of action that holds an audience’s interest and holds their attention. It could be a game, a movie, an advert or an activity, but most commonly is more often than not one of the interactive activities or events which have evolved over the millennia especially for the sole purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. Today entertainment or even entertainment is something that we take for granted but without entertainment no society would be able to survive for very long, let alone thrive. And it is for this reason that most of us tend to be rather protective of our favourite entertainments or interests and try to prevent others from stealing them or spoiling them for the sake of entertainment.


One area of great concern in this regard is what is often termed’social media’. This means any type of digital communication including the internet, emails, SMS and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and a host of others. There are a number of entertainment apps that are rapidly gaining ground across the various social media sites that enable users to create, share and access content via their smartphones, tablets and PCs. As with anything that goes viral it seems that the developers of these entertainment apps are everywhere – creating amazing applications and games that are guaranteed to keep their audience entertained. However, as with most things these days, one does need to be careful about what ones you are allowing into your social media feed and there are some apps that may actually do more harm than good.

The most common application is one which encourages customers to purchase food and drinks for their friends at an entertainment event, thereby helping to raise funds for the host. Such a business model could easily fall foul of both the UK Food Advertising Regulations and the Video Marketing Standards Agency, both of which have very stringent rules and regulations in place to protect consumers. So while using such a business application, entertainment companies need to ensure that they are within the scope of the regulations and that they are not encouraging their clients to break the law by paying for food and drinks that they would like to eat themselves. If so, the entertainment event would have to consider closing down or moving out of liability if they are in breach of regulations. Therefore entertainment companies need to take all measures necessary to ensure that they are within legal boundaries and not encouraging their clients to break the law in any way.

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