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Why You Should Go Out on a Saturday Night

One of the biggest reasons to go out on a Saturday night is to take part in a samba. If you have never had the experience, it is kind of like a crazy version of Cirque du Soleil where everyone sits around a stage and dances to music as the dancer performs all sorts of acrobatic moves. This is often one of the best ways to get your date night started since you won’t have to worry about the food or finding parking. There are a few places that host samba nights once a month in the spring. It might even be a good idea to check them out if you haven’t before because you might find that they are really good.

If you are not familiar with a samba, there is nothing wrong with asking your friends or your date if they know where you can find a samba to go along with it. You might even be surprised to learn that many of them have tried going out for a samba and were rather glad that they did. Sometimes it is a great way to break the ice before things get heated between you and your date. Before you go out for a samba, you might even want to learn a few samba dancing steps so you can feel confident when you go out with your date. Then you will look sexy and fun instead of totally uncomfortable.

Another reason to go out on a Saturday night is because it is a cheap night activity to join in on. This is great because you can usually find some great deals at night clubs or in Mexican restaurants where you can spend a relatively low amount of money per person. You can also use the songs in a samba to make it more fun, but make sure that you stay within the appropriate dancing guidelines. A samba might sound great, but if you aren’t following the rules, you could ruin an otherwise wonderful night.

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