Entertaining is a broad term that can mean many different things. It can be a task or an entertainment, but more often than not, is more likely to simply be one of those enjoyable activities or events which have grown over centuries specifically for the sole purpose of retaining the interest and attention of an entertained audience. For example, a play can be entertaining to the audience, but when the play is written for multiple characters who all interact with each other, it can also be entertaining to the people who are actually on stage or taking part in the production. However, the term can apply to many forms of entertainment, and entertainment can encompass any number of things, from literature to video games to television shows to theme parks to concerts to sports teams to reality television shows to theatrical productions.


Entertainment is often thought of as synonymous with fun, and it is this, in fact, that can sometimes be seen as the most important element of entertainment itself. The reason that some people think of entertainment as synonymous with fun is because entertainment can often times be, well, entertaining. For example, a play which is very funny, witty, well-developed plot line, and which also contains powerful emotion or a strong sense of urgency and drama can be entertaining to many viewers. On the other hand, entertainment which goes over-the-top or that goes completely over the top and makes light of real life situations can be, in fact, very off-putting and can cause many people to stop watching altogether.

Whether the entertainment can be classified as real entertainment or not has a lot to do with the audience it is aimed at, and whether or not that audience is able to identify with the type of entertainment being provided. While entertainment can encompass a wide range of activities, many of which will be considered serious by most everyone, entertainment does not always have to take the form of a play, movie, or television show. Entertainment can take the form of physical activities such as sports, games, dancing, exercise, gardening, and others, and is often times the best form of entretement for someone who wishes to see entertain themselves.

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