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The Top TV Show for Each Month For a 5 Year Period

The Best Rated Television Programs list only consists of TV series and various TV miniseries. The list is based on a mathematical formula that includes the aggregate number of votes each show garnered from casual viewers, and those votes given by registered users. To be in the list, a television show or mini-series must receive positive ratings from at least 1000 casual viewers, and it must have aired at least five episodes. TV shows that were cancelled or ordered to series within the past year are excluded from this list. Also, films or videos which were ordered but never aired are also excluded from the Best Rated Television Programs list.

The list also contains the Top Rated Television Programs for each month throughout the year. This way, it is easier to keep track of the most popular TV shows throughout the year, especially if you are looking for a specific genre or type of show. There are two different lists for this month; one is the all time best TV shows list, while the other is the recent tv shows list. In the all time best TV shows list, the first episode of any given TV show is counted as one of its favorites, while the latest episode is not considered. A TV show that was just recently aired is not usually listed in the recent tv shows portion.

Of course, the Best Rated Television Programs of each year also contains some of the most popular and most watched TV dramas. When it comes to choosing the best drama of the year, critics and fans agree that the best drama is typically a genre like medical or legal drama. The reason for this is that these types of dramas are often more plot-driven, while the dramas that fall under the educational category or family dramas are less plot-driven. Based on what types of plots and characters are being featured in an educational or family drama, it would be easy to choose one of these genres. If you would like to see a bit more of the world of television, the best place to go to is to a website where you can find TV shows recommendations based on a network industry rating.

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