The Relationship Between Filmmaking, Movie Theory, and Film Criticism

Movies, also known as a video, film, or moving image, is an artistic work of visual art which depicts stories, representations, emotions, themes, beauty, or the environment through the employment of moving images. Movies can be real visual works of art, created by an artist or a director for the sole purpose of entertaining, educating, and/or promoting the viewing public. Movies can be made for serious purposes as well as for purely entertaining purposes. The term “movies” is sometimes used in conjunction with the term “motor movies,” referring to movies geared towards increasing the excitement of horse-riding. Film directors and artists involved in making movies create visual images that both feed the public’s appetite for art and create a space in which the public can come together and share their collective ideas and feelings about art. Movies are an expressive medium; they are entertaining, educative, and emotional.

Moving images are the most valuable tools of communication because they are capable of expressing thoughts and ideas in pictures which words cannot. Movies can stimulate a person’s mind as they relate to a subject, provide escapism, provide a means of communication between people, and tell a story. Movies have an effect on the mind as they transport people from one state of consciousness to another. The use of film stock for animation has changed the way in which movies are made, presented, and viewed forever.

The history of Hollywood and the major motion picture industry, in particular the creation of movies, changed the way that movies were perceived. Thanks to early moviemakers like Walt Disney, movies began to be made with the goal of entertaining as well as telling a story. Over the years, the process of filmmaking has continued to change as technology and filmmaking processes have improved. As a result, the definition of what constitutes a movie has expanded to include all types of media and creative efforts. Film critics are tasked with ensuring that movies and filmmakers are kept up to date on all of the current changes that have taken place in this constantly changing field of entertainment.

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