Recreation is basically an activity of leisure, where time is used constructively for the purpose of fun, diversion, or enjoyment. The “need for recreation” is a fundamental component of psychology and human nature. Reciprocal activity is usually intended to enhance the level of social interaction and is therefore a norm for all cultures. It is a positive means of entertainment and recreation and the pursuit of this goal can contribute to one’s well-being. Recreational activities are generally done for fun, enjoyment, or relaxation and are generally considered to be “pleasure”.

For example, consider the recreational activities people engage in on a daily basis: walking, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, mountain biking, etc. Furthermore, even in today’s highly automated society, people still spend hours on end engaged in these same activities. Further, recreation is an important aspect of physical and mental health. Inactivity or boredom can lead to a large variety of negative symptoms including: weight gain, lack of interest in relationships, and increased health risk for depression, high blood pressure, etc.

The need for recreation may also have other dimensions such as: the need for social interaction or group interaction, the need for mental stimulation, or time to relax and regenerate. This last is often considered by most psychologists as the primary function of recreation. One of the main purposes of organized recreation is to provide an environment in which people can relax, de-stress, and connect with others. Here, the activities are geared toward increasing social interaction.

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