Some of the greatest TV show of all time have aired in recent years in what seems like every genre imaginable, from high-stakes drama to low-stakes comedy and everything in between. From the highly rated “Heroes” on TV, to the incredibly popular “American Idol,” “The Walking Dead” and many other channels that air TV series today, it is not surprising that TV show popularity continues to skyrocket. Indeed, the explosion in Internet video content and the increased interest in recording TV shows for later syndication has made the task of selling TV series a very difficult one indeed.

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One of the most highly praised TV shows of recent years, “The Sopranos,” ended its five season run on HBO in the spring of 2021, following what many considered to be the finest TV show of the decade so far. The final season featured a stellar cast of characters, which earned the praise and respect of critics everywhere, as the characters’ emotional journeys played out throughout the seasons, as well as the unique style of storytelling that characterized this classic series. One of the most memorable characters was Tony Soprano, who was brought virtually back to life by the final seasons’ end. He was charismatic and combative, and truly fought the good fight for what he believed in, unlike many of his previous incarnations on the show. In fact, “The Sopranos” was such a hit that it was not long before the revival of “The Sopranos” became a hit of its own, with an even larger cast joining the fray.

Another hugely popular and respected TV series that has been around for several decades is “Downton Abbey,” which originally aired on PBS in the United States. As the series progressed, it became a true ratings smash, garnering millions of viewers each week and becoming one of the most popular and critically acclaimed dramas of all time. The incredible run of the series earned lead actor Matthew McConaughey his first acting award and lead actresses breakout role, with their lead roles in both ” Emmy Awards” and “The Sopranos.” No other television series has been able to achieve the level of success that “Downton Abbey” has, and continues to entertain fans today with fresh new installments.

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