A web series, also known as an online show, is basically an animated television show designed for web viewing. Both consist of a large number of episodes which tell a single story or tell a tale of a historical period. However, the main difference between a traditional TV show and a web-based one is the financial expenditure involved in creating and airing each one. In most cases, starting and producing a web show can be done on a shoestring budget because there are no production costs such as set design, costumes, IT or props.

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Web television shows are much cheaper than creating and airing a conventional television series in high definition quality. This is because the producers do not have to pay fees to hire professional television producers. All they need to invest is their time, effort and creative ideas. In addition, because there are no production costs, there is no need to employ expensive crew or cast. When you consider all these factors, it becomes clear that producing a web series can be a profitable venture if done right.

Many amateur web series producers struggle to produce quality shows, despite the fact that they have good concepts and great stories. Amateur web producers usually shoot their videos in the wrong format or they try to make too many episodes at once, which only distracts viewers from the plot. When starting out, it pays to choose a format that is easy to use, popular, and will attract viewers. A good example of such a format is an online sitcom, where a new season can be launched after a few months.

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