Entertaining is a kind of action that gives entertainment and enjoyment to an audience or holds their interest and attention for a long period of time. It could be a game, an activity or even a chore, but most often is more of a chore or activity, but all the more significant is one of the most important events or activities that have evolved over thousands of years in particular for the sole purpose of maintaining an entertained audience’s focus. Entertainment can be planned and executed by anyone and it can also be spontaneous and developed through the spontaneous efforts and expression of ideas by many people who are highly talented and artistic in their field. However, the success of any event or performance of entertainment depends on the number of people attending the event or the type of entertainment planned. Without any proper planning or preparation for entertainment, the entertainment will not only be poorly attended but also may go out of its way to annoy people with its inefficiency or monotony.

Among different types of entertainment, perhaps one of the most popular and widely known ones are shows or entertainments. Shows or entertainments are events, performances, or tasks that are specifically aimed to keep an audience busy or engaged or even amused. There are various different kinds of shows, such as plays, comedy shows, musicals, television programs, exotic shows, or parodies that are all-natural in nature but which somehow become the center or source of entertainment for the audiences. Shows are entretement that can either be planned or developed at a whim, and entertainment is definitely something which people never tire of seeing. Entertainment is so contagious and easy to acquire that some people claim that seeing a good show or performance always rejuvenates and relaxes them so much that they do not even need to take a break or rest from their daily routines. In some ways entertainment is the ideal way of relieving stress, whether it is social or corporate, professional or personal.

Entretenement refers to the act or instance of being entertained. The word ‘entertainment’ comes from the Greek verb entra, meaning ‘to lead into’. From this root, entertainment has come to mean leading into or being led to. Thus entertainment is a noun that implies direction towards, as in the case of directing one’s eyes towards a certain direction or screen where pictures or films are shown. And entertainment is a verb which implies to cause to do or perform, as in the event of watching television, movies, plays, or any other kind of entertainment.

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