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Fun Activity – Free Printable Scavenger Hunts For Kids

It’s a known fact that adults and kids alike have a great time doing crafts, but did you know that a simple scavenger hunt can serve as an activity as well? Whether you are inviting a whole class of kids to come over for a craft day or hosting your own, a scavenger hunt is sure to provide hours of entertainment for everyone. From the very first person on the scavenger list to the last person remaining, everyone will have a great time running around and finding items while being challenged to find clues and out think the other participants. Here are a few simple and easy to follow ideas for planning your next scavenger hunt and getting the most out of it for all the kids and adults who are there!

If your kids are big fans of the outdoors then you may want to have outdoor scavenger hunts at the local park, or perhaps the local water park. These parks tend to be very large open areas that also contain lots of space to run around in. They also offer a lot of different activities for people of all ages and skill levels. One of the more popular activities is fishing, which kids of all ages can enjoy because they love to hunt for different types of fish. Another fun activity to do at these large open places is to set up a bounce house or moonwalk, which kids will love to jump and play on.

Some parks offer other games besides scavenger hunts and fishing. Perhaps they offer indoor playground equipment for those days when you just don’t want to let the kids run wild. If you choose one of the many parks in the St. Louis area then you can get a free printable scavenger hunt or even find some great coupons for other things to do at the park. You may also want to pick up a couple of blank adventure books so that the kids can do some research on their own. You may be surprised at the things that you can discover hiding out in the local area.

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