All About Recreation

Recreation is basically an activity of relaxation, leisure, being leisure time. It involves the physical exercise of the body, mind, and spirit. The need to do something “for recreation” is a very important component of human psychology and biology. Many activities are done simply for fun, entertainment, or personal interest and are therefore considered “pleasure”. Other activities such as business, learning, studying, working, and socializing are done because the object of the activity requires the person to use their brain in a way that increases their cognitive function and knowledge of the surrounding environment.

People generally enjoy recreational activities for many different reasons. Some do so on a regular basis to occupy their spare time, other take part in “serious” recreational activities on occasion, and others enjoy the occasional physical activity. Most people are familiar with outdoor sports like fishing, hiking, hunting, mountain climbing, tennis, football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. These activities can be done virtually anywhere and require minimal equipment or special skills.

In today’s hectic world, recreation is often associated with certain types of competition, work, and school. While all these elements are important to our existence, recreation is important as well. Practically every person needs recreation time. For children, recreation is mostly free time spent with friends, family, and with parents. For adults, recreation is mostly spent doing business, studying, working, and socializing.

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